"AA" Freshwater Pearl Stud Earring Unit

SKU: 906553/AA

MSRP:  $1,875.12

Stud earrings are the foundation of any pearl jewelry collection, and this display is a must have for all Imperial partner jewelers! This unit of classic freshwater pearls will ensure that you are prepared to instantly capitalize within the pearl category as nothing will generate more dollars -per-square-foot within the pearl category than classic studs and strands. The question is not if you should have this display in your store, the question is how much back up stock you should purchase to ensure that it is never empty!

AA Quality Freshwater cultured pearl stud earring ramp display.

This unit comes with:

Your choice in either white or yellow gold.

927524/AAFW: 4mm "AA" quality Freshwater studs (1 pair)

927525/AAFW: 5mm "AA" quality Freshwater studs (2 pair)

927526/AAFW: 6mm "AA" quality Freshwater stud (1 pair)

927527/AAFW: 7mm "AA" quality Freshwater stud (1 pair)

927528/AAFW: 8mm "AA" quality Freshwater stud (1 pair.

927529/AAFW: 10mm "AA" quality Freshwater stud (1 pair)