Human Rights Statement


Imperial Pearl and its parent company, The Bazar Group, acknowledges and respects the principles contained within the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Imperial Pearl’s Human Rights Policy reflects the company’s commitment to conduct its business in a manner consistent with these principles and to protect human rights within the company. Imperial Pearl pledges to conduct its business operations in a manner that is free from complicity in human rights abuses.


Ethical Business Conduct

Imperial Pearl’s policies require that its business be conducted with honesty and integrity, and in full compliance with all applicable laws. All company associates are required to obey the law and comply with specific standards relating to legal obligations, ethics, and business conduct.


Protection of the Rights of Children

Imperial Pearl condemns all forms of exploitation of children. The Company does not recruit child labor, and supports the elimination of exploitative child labor. Imperial Pearl also supports laws duly enacted to prevent and punish the crime of sexual exploitation of children.


Protection of the Rights of Associates

Imperial Pearl and The Bazar Group supports and upholds the elimination of discriminatory practices with respect to employment and occupation, and promotes and embraces diversity in all aspects of its business operations. We also support the elimination of all forms of forced, bonded or compulsory labor and the freedom of association. Imperial Pearl and The Bazar Group will always provide a safe and healthy working environment for all its associates. Imperial Pearl and The Bazar Group is an equal opportunity employer.