Pearl By Pearl "Classic" Quality Unit

SKU: 906501

MSRP:  $4,645.94

Begin a tradition... One pearl at a time. Our Pearl by Pearl program is one of the most proven, and highest revenue generating programs every offered by Imperial Pearl. This program will allow you to retain a customer for a lifetime as they will continue to come back to your store for every occasion and milestone in the lives of their loved ones. 

Pearl quality: "Classic" which is A+  Very fine, rose´ overtone, few visible surface blemishes.

Unit includes the following items

Starter Necklaces
2 Units - 974005 5-5.5mm Single cultured pearl starter necks 15 inches

2 Units - 974004 6-6.5mm Tripple cultured pearl starter necks 15 inches 

2 Units - 974003 7-7.5mm Single cultured pearl starter necks 15 inches 

Single Pearls on Cards
6 Units - 996007/IM 5-5.5mm Single cultured pearl on card
12 Units - 996009/IM 6-6.5mm Single cultured pearl on card
4 Units - 996011/IM 7-7.5mm Single cultured pearl on card

Restringing Charges:

$17.50 (1-15) pearls

$20 (16-30) pearls

$25 (30+) pearls

$75 Finished necklace includes stringing, knotting, 14k Imperial clasp