Akoya Pearl Basics Display Unit

SKU: 906103

MSRP:  $16,145.79

The Imperial Akoya Pearl Basics display unity features 27 items as listed below. All items are set in either 14K white or yellow gold.

Display measurements: 11" wide X 5" high X 10" Deep

This unit includes the following 27 items:

"A" Quality Akoya Stud Earrings

926100/A: Yellow gold 4mm "A" quality Akoya studs (1 pair)

926101/A: Yellow gold 5mm "A" quality Akoya studs (1 pair)

926102/AYellow gold 6mm "A" quality Akoya stud (2 pairs)

926110/A: Yellow gold 7mm "A" quality Akoya stud (2 pair)

926110/AWH: White gold 7mm "A" quality Akoya stud (1 pair)

926111/AYellow gold 8mm "A" quality Akoya stud (2 pairs)

"AA" Quality Akoya Stud Earrings

926100/AA: Yellow gold 4mm "AA" quality Akoya studs (1 pair)

926101/AA: Yellow gold 5mm "AA" quality Akoya studs (1 pair)

926102/AAYellow gold 6mm "AA" quality Akoya stud (1 pairs)

926110/AA: Yellow gold 7mm "AA" quality Akoya stud (2 pair)

926111/AAYellow gold 8mm "AA" quality Akoya stud (1 pairs)

Akoya Leverback Earrings:

927117/A: 7mm 14k gold Akoya pearl leverback earrings

927118/AWH: 8mm A Quality Akoya pearl Leverback earrings in 14k white gold

Akoya Pearl and Diamond Stud Earrings

926160/WH: 6-6.5mm Akoya pearl and diamond drop earrings (.10ctw)

926161/WH: 7-7.5mm Akoya pearl and diamond drop earrings (.16ctw)

926162/WH: 8-8.5mm Akoya pearl and diamond drop earrings (.20ctw)

926514: 6-6.5mm AA quality Akoya pearl and diamond earrings (.06ctw)

926518: 7-7.5mm AA quality Akoya pearl and diamond earrings (.10ctw)

926557/A: 8-8.5mm Akoya pearl and diamond earrings (.28ctw)

Akoya Pearl and Diamond Pendants


986102/WHA18R: 7mm "A" quality Akoya pearl with 18 inch 14k gold rope chain

986104/A18R: 8mm "A" quality Akoya pearl with 18 inch 14k gold rope chain

986518/18R: 7mm  "A" quality Akoya pearl and (.05ct) diamond pendant with 18 inch 14k gold rope chain

986121/A18R: 6mm  "A" quality Akoya pearl with 18 inch 14k gold rope chain